About Designer Doggie

We originally started out looking for clothes for our own dogs. We were often troubled by how unfashionable everything appeared to be. We wanted clothes that were hip and in style. If we didn't want to be seen in it, why would we put it on our dog?


Frustrated we decided that we'd start our own business. Something where people could find all kinds of styles at a reasonable price. We'd use reputable distributor's and refuse to sacrifice on quality. After a lot of research, we found what we were looking for. 

Then it was all hands  - and paws - on deck and off we went. We'd pack up our products and travel everywhere, displaying our ware's in hopes that there were people and puppies like us. Longing to strut their stuff on the sidewalk, wagging their tails with pride. 

Thank god we were right! We've been in business now for over 5 years and were happy to say we are still delivering the same high quality merchandise at amazing prices. Thanks for visiting our online shop, hopefully one day we'll make it to a trade show near you. 

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